[October 15, 1997]

Dear Sir,

I should like to endorse Mr Singh's grossly understated letter dated Ocober 6, 1997 on the conditions at U.G.

Firstly, our classrooms are inadequate and most uncomfortable. How can any sane person be expected to concentrate in an environment where there is no proper seating accommodation, no proper ventilation, no working fans, where bulbs are used as the major form of lighting, and should the rains come one has to open one's umbrella? Yes! I am speaking of U.G's large, literally, 'largest' lecture theatre. And speaking of large, many times we are forced to sit on the steps and the floor, since we cannot all fit into the `large' space provided.

Apart from this situation, we also have the problem of the toilet facilities, which are not even fit to be used by the scores of dogs that U.G seems to be breeding.

There is also the question of transportation. Since the one or two U.G buses that are working do not appear to be for general use, I cannot figure out why the public buses are being given such a difficult time. How about taking a piece of the field (by the canteen), to convert into a bus park, since land has been given away to build a dorm?

My complaints could go on and on. I am appealing to someone, anyone out there to please help us, the students. We cannot go on like this any more. We are not paying 127,000 odd dollars per year to be treated worse than expired goods.

Yours faithfully
Concerned Student
(Name and address provided)