People want a decent life
Stabroek News
January 31, 2002

Dear Editor,

I refer to the letter by Prince Michael (23.1.2002) under the caption "Emigration of teachers to New York is a catastrophe". He asks where is patriotism.

First, yes it's a catastrophe Mr. Prince. Second one needs to look at the demands of human beings at the ordinary level. Humans need shelter, food, recreation, easy access to health care, to provide for their offspring and have a few amenities. Is it a crime to desire the basic necessities of life?

My sister is a Senior Assistant Mistress "SAM" at one of our local schools. She is 43 years old and has been teaching for more than 22 years, her take home pay is G$41,000 a month. The Bible says "the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof", simply put the earth is one big place to work in. So if you are in a house and the kitchen is too hot and you are unable to make it cool then you move to a more comfortable place in the home, this is responding to natural stimuli.

The financial heat in Guyana is disturbing to the wage earners, coupled with all the other dislocated things adding more heat. Is it a crime to want a better standard of living for oneself? At G$41,000 can a teacher fund their own home or purchase a car? One wonders how long would it take for them to acquire a Prado. Wake up Mr. Prince, each human is entitled to a good life under God.

Yours faithfully,

John Singh