Older generation used to speak better
Stabroek News
November 10, 2001

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Dear Editor,

Re Mr. Pat Walcott's response to Mr. R. Alexander's "Dis and Dat" of 3/11/01 we must all know by now that this started with Mr. Burnham. He said, as soon as he took office in the coalition, Guyanese speak too much English and he was going to bring creolese into play.

To all those Guyanese who prefer proper English, correct usage starts in the home and continues when you meet with others. Afraid to "pull up" your relatives and friends? Think how horrible they sound in foreign lands. Today, we can hardly understand the younger Guyanese. How can they be expected to be understood by foreigners?

Yes, Mr. Walcott and all others, it is never too late to "do the right thing". Our older generations have made me proud to be a Guyanese. They never had to listen to MacAndrew and others of that breed of radio personalities but had the "blast" of a radio ZFY (Radio Demerara) with

Uncles Ulric, Ayoub, Rafeek, etc and those beautiful ladies with their magnificent coverage of the national events like Armistice Day.

How are these nationals supposed to work for multinational corporations that will start businesses in Guyana during this century? We had better start force feeding pride into those who lack the necessary ability to speak properly. I am so glad that I grew up before the Burnham era started the morass which the nation has been stifled in for more than three decades.

To all the older Guyanese, (over 60s) you are the best!

Yours faithfully,

George Jackson