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  1. Guyana should adopt American spelling
  2. Brainwashed
  3. Certain words should not be used
  4. Offensive language on TV
  5. Problems of translating meanings
  6. Use more delicate lauguage
  7. Examples should have been included
  8. Substance and content should be the criteria
  9. Three not tree
  10. Urgent upgrading of English pronunciation required on newscasts
  11. What's wrong with tree as three, give us a break Mr Eleazar
  12. No 'dis and dat' was tolerated
  13. Mr Bascom's outpouring on bad pronunciation is deplorable
  14. What a dull world it would be if there were no diversity of speech
  15. Older generation used to speak better
  16. Better English please
  17. We should stop using inappropriate words
  18. Take the trouble to pronounce names properly
  19. Classes in creative writing
  20. Rules of engagement in fiction writing
  21. Africa or Afrika?
  22. Afrika is correct
  23. Afrika should have been corrected
  24. New spelling should not be encouraged
  25. The 'erroneous' spelling of Africa should have been changed
  26. We must be careful not to rewrite history
  27. What is the evidence for this usage?
  28. Afrika is the German spelling
  29. Rearing not raring
  30. Get a Concise Oxford as well
  31. Blown cover of plagiarism should not stop the flow of original opinions
  32. The Swahili language is of African origin
  33. Swahili is an Arabic patois
  34. 'Crisis' is a favourite word of government critics