No 'dis and dat' was tolerated
Stabroek News
November 7, 2001

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Dear Editor,

I would like to thank R.J. Eleazer [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] for the observations voiced (3.11.2001) about the too regular absence of 'th' in the use of what is called 'Standard English'. I remember as a child, my older siblings and teachers stressing the use of the tongue between the teeth, no 'dis' and 'dat' was tolerated.

I also recall keenly listening to reputable public speakers to copy any doubtful pronunciations you may encounter. I considered calling on the expertise of Dr Joyce Jonas to find out if it was now acceptable to ignore the 'th' in normal usage.

According to R.J., we hope it is not too late.

Yours faithfully,

G. Pat Walcott