Direct From The Home Front

The following letters appeared in one of the Guyana daily newspapers, online version. They are reproduced here because the subject matter might be of keen interest to Guyanese everywhere.


Previous letters

Both sides are to blame for where we are
Wanted: unconditional love
Dr Jagan worked for racial unity
Next year the PNC government will demonstrate what Mashramani really is
The PNC is dedicated to transcending ethnic and ideological boundaries
Neither major party has done anything to escape
There are known rules of engagement
WPA would prefer to be in opposition to transitional government
Access to information is vital to democracy
Dialpad handles overseas calls to the USA
President Jagdeo can't dump PPP stalwarts
Are we better off here?
Not the only rapscallion
Minister Rohee should call on our experienced diplomats for advice
What happens to us after sun-up?
Conditions must improve to attract more remigration
Q.C. still is doldrum despite repeated promises
If programmes to teach professional, craft and business skills are made widespread, we can in one or two generations eradicate poverty
Quick-fire solutions are not the answer
How Public Utilities Commissions function in the USA
The ride still shakes
Trained teachers are vital in levels l to 3 in primary schools, if children start off badly there is little hope later
Mr Jagdeo must be given a chance to govern in the interest of the nation
Manipulating the constitution
Mongoloid, Negroid, and Caucasoid cannot explain the astonishing diversity of mankind
Why has this country come to this?
Hooper and Guyana: Unfulfilled potential
Much more has to be done to prepare Ms Sobers
Flawed analysis
Carl Hooper
Stoning the President's Car
Racial Divide
The Accord
Forensic audit
Mr. Hoyte and Election '97
PNC allegations and Election '97
Glaring systemic "errors" and Election '97
Article 177(6) and Election '97
Politicians and Race
Troubling Issues and Election '97
Elections Commission and Election '97
Internet Censorship
Small Parties and the PPP majority
Deplorable Conditions at the University of Guyana

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