February 28, 1998

Dear Sir,

The stoning of the car of the President as she left Parliament is a signal that Wise men or no Wise men, Guyana is on a downward path economically, socially and morally.

What our politicians fail to realise is that when they call upon people to break the law, a process in which they themselves engage in publicly, there comes a time when they themselves cannot control people. The incident outside of parliament is a direct result of what transpired in late December and early January when people were told to ignore the law and march, and when the demonstrations targeted the President in crude and vulgar ways.

For any organisation to argue that they were not responsible for the stone-throwing incident, smacks of ostri-chism, a lack of reality and demonstrates a lack of understanding of people.

The result of the post elections situation will contribute to an already declining economy, high cost of living, a depletion of foreign exchange as capital flight intensifies, zero foreign investments and an increase in unemployment and underemployment.

It is not too late for our political leaders to show the necessary maturity, sit down and iron out their differences. It is not too late to save the Caricom Accord. Neither is it too late to let people know that breaking the laws of this country is unacceptable. The leaders of this country have to carry this latter message to their followers and let them know that what transpired outside of parliament is totally unacceptable.

Yours faithfully
Joseph Calder