Letters on: Homosexuality and HIV/AIDS

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  1. It is time that all forms of bigotry come to an end
  2. All doctors' offices should have information on HIV/AIDS
  3. Is there discrimination against homosexuals in Guyana?
  4. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation should be banned
  5. I have seen no good reason for denying homosexuals equal rights
  6. Homosexuality is a human rights issue
  7. Society as a whole perceives the gay lifestyle to be deviant
  8. Homosexuals in Guyana have not suffered from discrimination
  9. Some of the suicide cases in Berbice felt they were homosexual
  10. You are either homosexual or you're not
  11. No discrimination on basis of sexual orientation
  12. World aids day and safe sex
  13. The fight against aids
  14. Condoms are effective against HIV transmission
  15. AIDS sufferer has grouse