AIDS sufferer has grouse To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
January 25, 2002

I was reading the Christmas day Stabroek News, where I came across the picture of Mr Derick Springer receiving a check from Mr Rudy Grant in Aid of the Lifeline Counselling Service.

I read the article, which said Mr Springer was receiving $150,000 in aid of the AIDS foundation. As a person living with HIV/AIDS, I have never heard of the "AIDS Foundation". After reading the newspaper I tried to find out where the AIDS Foundation is located and I found out there is no such place.

I have also been hearing for some time of the Keith Andre Subryan (KAS) Drop-in-Centre and to date there is no such place, but yet people are receiving monies on behalf of those places for caring of people living with AIDS. What those groups are doing is exploiting us.

They are not doing anything for persons living with AIDS. They are just filling their own pockets. The public is saying a lot of ill things about people living with HIV/AIDS but first they need to realise that we are still human beings until God is ready for us. A lot of us have become infected by our husbands, a relationship that God blessed.

So please don't torment us for an unfortunate accident we have to live with.

Please Mr Grant and others who are giving money to groups that are claiming they are caring for people living with HIV/AIDS, make sure that they are genuine before you give them anything.

There are a lot of hungry children and widows who have HIV/AIDS and need HELP. If they are supplied with things they need, it will help reduce transmission.