It is time that all forms of bigotry come to an end

Stabroek News
July 8, 2001

Dear Editor,

I refer to the letter captioned "International Conventions don't deal with sexual orientation" (7/6/2001) and the response "Who decides what is undesirable?" by Rohan Sooklall (23/6/2001).

I wish to support Mr Sooklall's comments comprehensively as they are based on the reality of today's world and do not run counter to the much touted pleas for justice and authentic democracy in Guyana.

It is high time that the churches and religious and civic organisations take a firm stand in defending the rights of persons of homosexual orientation. These persons, many of whom hold prominent and illustrious offices in our country, are forever forced into closets because of the fear of being discovered and condemned.

My Sooklall's point that paedophiles are largely not homosexual is a salient one and should be clearly studied by those who are so eager to be seized by an anti?homosexual position.

As a matter of fact the majority of sexual abuse cases, so prevalent in our society today have to do with wanton and barbaric sexual atrocities by so called heterosexuals on our daughters and women folk.

The question of sexual orientation will sooner or later be dealt with by our Parliament and nation if we are to adhere to international laws and conventions. Let us begin now to practice the true spirit of acceptance of all of our citizens regardless of sexual or racial or other orientation.

I wish to quote from a recent statement issued by Monsignor Patrick Anthony of the Catholic Church of St Lucia, which I believe to be a courageous one.

"The church believes that many persons do not choose their homosexual condition and for them it is a trial. They, like all others, are called to chastity and must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided".

It is time that all forms of bigotry come to an end in Guyana and this must include the vicious manoeuvres to alienate and marginalise our talented and gifted gay brothers and sisters. Guyana needs their contribution as well.

Yours faithfully,
Ronald V Alexander