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  1. Dr Ramsammy's priority should be to make abortion available in public hospitals
  2. Committee should review effect of law legalising abortion
  3. Well done, Health minister
  4. The clock on abortion isn't ticking yet
  5. The body set up to monitor the abortion law scarcely functioned
  6. I invite Fr Hardless to join the advisory board
  7. No faithful Catholic can sit on the Advisory Board
  8. Dr Ramsammy is fighting the cause of the poor for better medical attention
  9. Fr Hardless could have contributed significantly
  10. Fr. Hardless is misleading about the Church and abortion
  11. Poor women must be informed of hospital abortion service
  12. Minister has a legal duty to implement the abortion law
  13. We listen to the Pope's voice
  14. We need strategies to make fathers liable
  15. Pro life values are killing poor women
  16. Many Catholic countries have liberal abortion laws
  17. Women still dying from botched abortions
  18. Women die because public hospitals do not provide abortions
  19. Unplanned babies need not be unwanted and unloved
  20. Every woman should have the right to choose
  21. Engage in a public campaign explaining that abortion is legal
  22. Cytotec used by itself to procure abortion is unsafe
  23. Information should be published on Cytotec
  24. Misusing Cytotec
  25. Tough laws don't stop abortions but make them unsafe for poor women
  26. Floating in the wind
  27. What's happened to Dr Ramsammy's promise to put the abortion law into practice?

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