Women still dying from botched abortions
Stabroek News
January 10, 2002

Dear Editor,

It was bound to come to this. Way back, when the battle lines were drawn and the arguments raged back and forth on the great benefits or not of legalising abortion, a wonderful picture was painted of women's health being protected and women no longer dying from abortions. There would be no more bottom house abortions they cried, the beds in the slip and fell ward of the P.H.G will be empty and scarce resources will not have to be spent on all those women with botched abortions. Women will have a choice. A young teenager will have the privilege of having an abortion without informing her parents. After all it is her body so she can do with it what she likes, they argued.

The battle was won and abortion is now legal. There is nothing to worry about. There is no stigma attached. Everything is legal, everything is dandy, everything is fine.Now that the bubble has burst and women who have been led to believe that abortions are safer than childbirth are dying from abortions, the advocates are looking for scapegoats. They refuse to admit the fallacy of the claims.

However, the sad part of it all is that countless babies - human beings - will continue to be cruelly tortured, butchered and killed. Women will die and many, many more will be emotionally scarred for life. So many others will never be able to bear a child again.

May I remind all those ladies and gentlemen who have been pontificating on the glories of legalised abortion that they were once tiny, really tiny, innocent, defenceless human babies - lifeless foetuses, to use their words - whom their mothers did not abort, but gave them the safety of their wombs, co-operating with the Heavenly Father with whom we are privileged to share the miracle of birth.

Yours faithfully,

Joan Collins