Dr Ramsammy is fighting the cause of the poor for better medical attention
Stabroek News
December 16, 2001

Dear Editor,

I refer to S, Egerton Cooke's letter captioned "Minister Ramsammy's behaviour warrants disciplinary action." [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] (SN 13/12/01).

Dr Ramsammy's achievements and activities as Minister of Health are among the main positives in today's Guyana. Patients at all government hospitals are generally treated with a don't care a damn attitude by medical personnel. Many people including children and babies die from minor sicknesses because of the lack of timely medical attention. And the people who suffer most are those who don't have much money or who are poor and powerless.

Such people have no one from whom to seek redress when their loved ones die. Dr Ramsammy is taking up the cause of the poor and powerless and trying to better matters and in so doing, medical personnel have to be disciplined.

Mr Cooke and his organisation should know better than to attack Dr. Ramsammy. The man is sincerely trying to help ordinary people and bring back humane and professional attitudes and practices into the government medical services.

Please don't block a betterment in the medical services; we may never have such a dedicated Minister and such an opportunity again.

Yours faithfully,

Herman Gomes