Mr. Ramjattan has hurt the PPP alliance
Guyana Chronicle
February 26, 2004

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I WISH to respond to the editorial of the February 24th edition of Stabroek News on the expulsion of Khemraj Ramjattan.

Stabroek News, obviously having little knowledge of the disciplinary provisions and the structure of the PPP, attempted to put into perspective this issue.

I am not going to address the appropriateness of this column. However, I am going to identify flaws in the summary.

That Stabroek News seems to be very informed about this issue is a welcome sign. All of the evidence produced points to one thing, however: Mr. Ramjattan has hurt the PPP alliance.

As Stabroek News indicated he launched public attacks on Mrs. Janet Jagan, Mr. Clement Rohee and Home Affairs Minister (Ronald) Gajraj. He also made accusations against the President. Isn't it strange that this man is at odds with all these members? Doesn't this send a message?

Since 1997 Mr. Ramjattan had been under close watch by the party because of his unpopular and hurtful public statements.

Article 5.4 of the Party's Constitution states clearly: 'All criticisms and self-criticism must take place in the appropriate party bodies and meetings' (not in the public domain).

Anyway, Ramjattan has hurt the PPP alliance by contradicting the party's position on critical issues as those concerning Ministers Gajraj and Rohee at a very critical juncture.

This, apart from threatening the unity of the party, amounted to a blatant disrespect for his position as a central committee member. In addition, this was selfish behaviour since all party members are bound to the agreed party decision for a collective good - survival of the party. Why don't we blame Ramjattan for this disservice to the thousands of PPP supporters?
Yours truly,
B. Premchand