Letters on: Ramjattan Affair

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  1. Proposal for a Regional Integration Fund should be widely publicised
  2. The proposals for amendments to the PPP's constitution were debated and lost by a wide margin
  3. Ramjattan has not consistently attacked the party
  4. A sad resignation
  5. It's only a matter of time
  6. No one accused Ramjattan of taking news to the US Embassy
  7. It was refreshing to see Trotman coming to Ramjattan's defence
  8. Constructive criticism is central to ensuring forward movement
  9. Was Mr Samaroo a member of the Central Committee?
  10. The PPP does not tolerate independent minds
  11. This is as lopsided as the expulsion of Balram Singh Rai
  12. Have a rethink
  13. Where the mind is without fear
  14. It seems Nagamootoo may be next
  15. The Ramjattan issue goes back to 1997
  16. 29 say yes, 2 say no
  17. A turn off for the young generation
  18. The expulsion of Ramjattan is reminiscent of that of Rai
  19. All are equal, but some are more equal than others?
  20. Mr. Ramjattan has hurt the PPP alliance
  21. I received no apology
  22. We have launched a signature campaign in support of Comrade Ramjattan
  23. PPP and PNC have never tolerated independent thought
  24. Ramjattan has a very positive record
  25. I did send an apology to Mrs Jagan
  26. Mr Ramjattan precipitated his own expulsion
  27. Ramjattan didn't toe the line
  28. Don't confuse the reason for Ramjattan's expulsion
  29. Mr Ramjattan has demonstrated qualities of leadership
  30. Ramjattan would have been given short shrift in the PNC
  31. An apology from Mr Ramjattan was conveyed to Mrs Jagan at an executive committee meeting
  32. If the Government does positive things I will write about them
  33. We need younger politicians who can see beyond their noses
  34. A gross insult to Dr. Jagan's memory
  35. The initial decision was to merely reprimand Mr Ramjattan
  36. Picketing the pilgrimage at Babu John was an insult to Dr Jagan
  37. PNCR never finds anything positive to say about the Government