Guyana Chronicle
February 17, 2004

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My heart bleeds for my country and I feel very apprehensive to contemplate what answer I may get if it is asked.

"Breath there a man with soul so dead who ever to himself hath said, this is my native land'.

For so long the newspapers and the television stations have been regaling us with news of very negative things about our country, and making little or no mention of positive things that are happening; there are hardly any pleasant news.

We are under constant stress and cannot enjoy carefree moments.

We read that in Jamaica there were 92 murders in 35 days, but that is not headlined in the Jamaican press. The killings are by and among supporters of two political parties.

Trinidad has more crime than Guyana committed daily but the Trinidad press plays it down. We do not hear Jamaican or Trinidadian leaders, be they political or else, go globetrotting telling all who care to listen everything negative that is happening to Guyana, as if people in the outside world care what is happening in their country.

Why do we as Guyanese take the least opportunity to run down our country?

What I find rather distressing and deplorable is that neither Stabroek News nor the Kaieteur News published what the American Ambassador said of the relationship between the USA and Guyana. Ambassador Bullen spoke of the excellent and cordial relationship between his country and ours. Only the Chronicle carried the news and properly headlined it. It seems as if the other two dailies wished that the cordial and excellent relationship were not so.

It reminded me of the headlines in these papers when they falsely published that the US Consulate or Embassy here conducted a polygraph test on George Bacchus and found him to be a truthful witness. When the truth was revealed they did not have the decency to apologize but tucked away a statement in the body of a report that the report was not true but was published as a result of information received from a usually reliable source.

Is there much hope there and how will posterity deal with us?