Letters on: Sunken Treasure

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  1. What happens to us after sun-up?
  2. Why has this country come to this?
  3. Neither major party has done anything to escape
  4. Both sides are to blame for where we are
  5. Mr Barker seems to have lost touch
  6. I have lost touch with the political attitudes that now exist
  7. Bordering on chaos?
  8. Looking for an ideal leader
  9. Guyana has an unfortunate history of failures
  10. PPP and PNC are perceived as ethnic parties whether they like it or not
  11. No one will come here with the present state of lawlessness
  12. This is a social problem
  13. The daily grind
  14. Cost of living has gone up
  15. Proper education is the only way out of the abyss of decline
  16. Many Guyanese have lost hope
  17. Democracy is more than fair elections
  18. Many live in despair
  19. Can't we settle disputes rationally?
  20. This new acquisition is reminiscent of the past
  21. Where are the positive results of the free economy?
  22. What happened?
  23. Is this what we want for our children?
  24. What is the true state of the country?
  25. I am hopeful that one day. . .
  27. The blame must be laid at the doorstep of the politicians
  28. Have the young unwittingly become mere voyeurs?
  29. What goes in, comes out
  30. Learned helpnessess is that state where people just stop trying
  31. Independence, rather than liberating us, has led to a continuing exodus
  32. Some miners are causing widespread damage to our rivers and interior communities
  33. It is a matter of urgency to deal with the economic crisis
  34. The two parties provide no hope
  35. A culture of lawlessness prevails
  36. Many changes are needed to put us on the path of development
  37. Dr 'Joey' Jagan must work out why we got where we are
  38. Simply "WHEN"
  39. Where is the vision?
  40. We are yet to give a true accounting and take responsibility for our history
  41. Bringing truancy under control
  42. This young man might have survived with proper medical care LI>Your environment identifies you
  43. The need not is for strong, knowledgeable leadership
  44. The Youth at Linden have lost hope
  45. Working people are finding it difficult
  46. Escalating electricity charges
  47. Impossible to satisfy entire nation at the same time
  48. Taking care of the homeless
  49. Looking after the homeless
  50. Unnecessary pain and loss
  51. A proper land distribution policy is necessary
  52. The Singapore story - we need visionary leaders
  53. Left wing politics destroyed us
  54. Why was workshop held in Indian village?
  55. We can still obtain a useful response
  56. What about Kingston?
  57. Still waiting for the promised land
  58. Very frightening experience
  59. Things that bothered me
  60. New Year wishes
  61. An omen for the new year?
  62. Buy more local goods
  63. Imported bread crumbs? - They're crazy
  64. Will the feeling of oneness go out with the lights?
  65. Armed incursion in my ranch by GDF
  66. Arbitrary search for drugs and guns
  67. Youth is the answer
  68. The effect of ideology
  69. Collective effort needed
  70. More jobs needed
  71. The culture of lawlessness is many pronged
  72. Are the political parties trapped in the past?
  73. The Incredible Increases in Electricity Rates
  74. Inclusiveness is not a slogan
  75. Let us tell our leaders we want no race hate
  76. Other countries face serious problems too
  77. Corruption exists in several sectors
  78. Look at the larger picture
  79. Another tear
  80. Too many being wrongly denied bail
  81. Disappointed with sentence
  82. PPP and PNC living in cloud cuckoo land
  83. PNC/Reform must end division at Mash
  84. Young people should respect the elderly
  85. Teen drinking at school no surrprise
  86. An assessment of our TV channels
  87. Guyanese don't treat animals well
  88. High cost of living a headache
  89. The problem may be organized crime
  90. Filthy language and garbage
  91. Be prepared and act decisively
  92. An evolving pattern
  93. The victim cannot be further victimised
  94. Can't get ID card until next election
  95. Visa now needed to visit Anguilla
  96. Electricity rates higher than Barbados, St. Lucia
  97. Many Guyanese are bewildered by recent developments
  98. Reduce high duties on educational materials