It's only a matter of time
Guyana Chronicle
February 17, 2004

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I THOUGHT it was only a matter of time before Mr. Ramjattan ran into problems, after he started to write regular articles in Stabroek News and was elected President of the Guyana Bar Association, an organization closely aligned with the main opposition, the PNC/R.

Here's why: People, including myself, felt that Mr. Ramjattan was deliberately being cajoled by forces hostile to the PPP and the PPP/Civic administration.

It was a ploy and, unfortunately, he apparently fell for it. In addition, he criticized his own party, the PPP, which he should not have done especially since he was on the Central Executive.

It is just not done. Criticisms have to be done internally. His rights were not abridged in any way as far as I can see and read, and the PPP is fully committed to and practices democracy internally.

As is also well known, the party fought for independence and democracy for Guyana and since 1992 when the PPP/Civic won free and fair elections, it has not only practiced democracy but deepened and extended it so that we have the most inclusive Constitution in the Caribbean and one of the most inclusive in the world.
Yours faithfully,
Anita Singh