Police have to wage an ongoing war against the criminals
Guyana Chronicle
January 27, 2004

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The Police have to wage an ongoing war against the criminals, who have become active again.

They have to use all sources of intelligence to learn just how these criminals are able to access illegal guns and ammunition and close off these avenues.

They must also continue with road blocks and searches and take note of reports of criminals setting up bogus road blocks only to rob commuters. How must we deal with such situations?

Regular police patrols, foot and mobile must continue and the public should be reminded of telephone numbers to call including emergency ones.

It is necessary also to improve telephone and radio communications between Police Stations and enough transportation must be provided for speedy response to calls and reports of crimes in progress.

The Police also need to recruit people of the highest character and repute in the society and provide increasingly professional courses in dealing with crimes and community relations.

The Police must establish that they are capable of responding to the challenges of the changing faces of crime in the society.
Yours faithfully,
Debra Cummings