Letters on: The Police

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  1. The ride still shakes
  2. There are known rules of engagement
  3. Carter Center statement untrue and misleading
  4. When will the police answer questions on these murders?
  5. Problem of police executions must be tackled
  6. This political process is taking us into deeper primitivism
  7. Police must not be deterred by political attacks
  8. Police should give more information on pattern of criminal activities
  9. I dislike criminals, but they can't be murdered
  10. The Mandela Avenue shootings
  11. Protest march is a matter of principle
  12. Editorial was simplistic in concluding there were extra-judicial killings
  13. There is a dearth of leaders
  14. Mr Mair did no justice to Dr Raj Persaud in his Sunday feature on eminent Guyanese in the U.K.
  15. Eyewitness accounts require scrutiny
  16. Creative solutions must be found
  17. Tougher action against protesters in Berbice?
  18. Many citizens are now worried
  19. Police executions can have international consequences
  20. Citizens committee should hear complaints against police
  21. I am not the resident chief of Buxton, I condemn those who advised attacks on PPP supporters
  22. The police have been denied the presumption of innocence
  23. Send the black clothes police after Osama bin Laden
  24. Police should not harass Mr Benschop
  25. When should policemen have guns?
  27. Police should accept constructive criticism
  28. One has to be apprehensive
  29. The difference between manslaughter and murder
  30. Police too ready to use their guns
  31. The Police Complaints Authority must be restructured and empowered
  32. People should stop bribing the police
  33. Government is ultimately responsible for law and order
  34. Deal with the real issues
  35. Ball now in Kennard's court
  36. Young people must speak out against police brutality
  37. Police version of Brian King's death is absurd
  38. Broaden enquiry into killings
  39. Don't inject race into police brutality
  40. Policemen can't shoot criminals arbitrarily
  41. Decentralise the police services
  42. Need for training
  43. President Jagdeo's attitude to extra-judicial killings is callous
  44. A bullet in the mouth would have killed Brian King
  45. Police weren't armed in the old days except on special occasions
  46. Police have a very difficult task
  47. PNC/R willing to seek joint solutions to police killings, road deaths
  48. Constable said he would stop King from going on Sharma show again
  49. Lenient treatment by police
  50. Commissioner should review Target Squad
  51. A criminal is not fair game
  52. Honouring the dead
  53. The police force has always functioned as a coercive tool for the ruling elite
  54. A police execution due to a personal grievance is murder
  55. Do criminals have more rights than police?
  56. Details of proposed reorganisation of police
  57. Contempt for the rule of law
  58. The Georgetown Police Department
  59. Report said we need less police officers, not more
  60. Contents of container in police custody missing
  61. State brutality flourishes in conditions of silence
  62. What about the victims?
  63. GHRA report emphasises the need for reform of police execution squad
  64. GHRA does not deal with the atrocities committed by the criminals
  65. Police killings per year have increased under this government
  66. Long awaited piece of information
  67. Biased interpretation
  68. We must help the police force, not hinder them
  69. Broad based committee needed to examine police force
  70. What about the victims?
  71. Many who cry police brutality have axes to grind
  72. Important to ascertain motive
  73. We must demand justice for all the victims of police brutality
  74. Why are some people condemning the police when they get tough?
  75. The government stands indicted on the matter of extra-judicial killings
  76. Let's give the police our support
  77. Citizens must help the police
  78. Government must take steps to secure a lasting peace
  79. Non custodial options for sentencing for minor offences must be highlighted
  80. A national crime prevention strategy must satisfy several criteria
  81. Winston Felix is the best choice for Commissioner
  82. Police have been outmanoeuvred
  83. Duty of police is to apprehend not kill
  84. All police forces have special units
  85. Police do arrest and charge many criminals
  86. Target Special Squad should be disbanded
  87. The police understand the need to keep the peace
  88. The policeman must understand his role
  89. The death of Shaka Blair must be investigated
  90. Don't make a mockery of the Police Force
  91. Task force is working on capture of Gang of Five
  92. Decentralisation along the Swiss model may be the solution in Guyana
  93. Guyana Police Force should recognize that the measures employed so far are ineffective
  94. Autopsy shows Blair did not fire a gun
  95. Police force needs a vibrant new Commissioner
  96. Accountability and the new commissioner
  97. Mr Felix must have the survival powers of Houdini and the detective ability of Sherlock Holmes