The danger of this kind of book

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December 4, 2003

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Dear Editor,

I had not said a word in this debate on Dr. Gibson's book Cycle of racial oppression in Guyana because I didn't think Dr. Gibson's assumptions about caste among Indo- Guyanese people had any validity, and as such Dr. Gibson's thesis fell on its face.

But there is another serious danger awful racist writings could generate. Someone could easily follow Dr. Gibson's facile model and claim that Afro-Guyanese who had descended from various West African tribes, in time now make up a unison by the concept of "mattie", and their inter-tribal hostilities are now projected upon their Indian neighbours. And since inter-tribal hostilities can turn into genocidal attacks such as those between Hutus and Tutsis, Africans could carry out genocide against Indians. A whole thesis a la Gibson could thus be produced with the fabrication of the type of "evidence" she employs.

I do hope Messrs Ellis, Dalgetty and others could clearly see how such baseless racist writings could re-bound.

Yours faithfully,

Joy Johnson