The Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana

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Reviews of the book
  1. Hearings into Gibson's book end, commission to rule
    May 26, 2004

  2. Gibson 'inquisition' will hurt race relations -ACDA
    May 19, 2004

  3. Statistical evidence defeats Gibson's theories - Misir
    May 18, 2004

  4. Complaint against Gibson's book political, not intellectual -Williams
    May 15, 2004

  5. Gibson book serves no purpose in multicultural Guyana
    May 12, 2004

  6. Gibson's book seeks to grapple with labelling, racism
    May 1, 2004

  7. Gibson misinformed on Hinduism
    April 28, 2004

  8. India's caste system does not exist here
    April 23, 2004

  9. Gibson's book can create 'racial suspicion' -Hackett
    April 22, 2004

    April 21, 2004

  11. Gibson book misinterprets caste system - Misir
    April 21, 2004

  12. Gibson book exposing, not spreading racism
    April 20, 2004

  13. African Guyanese are victims of Hindu caste ideology
    April 17, 2004

  14. Gibson book has opened eyes to race problem
    April 16, 2004

  15. IAC wants Kean Gibson prosecuted
    April 16, 2004

  16. Gibson should be prosecuted for 'race hate' book
    April 15, 2004

  17. Commission getting feel for ethnic relations
    April 14, 2004

  18. Ethnic Relations C'n to be more pro-active in New Year

  19. IAC wants inquiry into Gibson's book

  • A question for Dr Misir

  • Criticism of Indian Arrival Day is misconceived

  • Keane Gibson and pamphlet education

  • The power of the media comes with great responsibility

  • Stereotyping based on one conversation

  • The danger of this kind of book

  • Let's start thinking forward

  • Dr. Gibson's methodology is unacceptable

  • Williams is afraid of the destruction of authoritarianism

  • The book is no more than a diatribe

  • Dr. Gibson's book: wrong Web address

  • Mr Ellis' arguments are flawed

  • Dr Gibson recorded spontaneous talk of the people

  • Ms. Gibson's book as a treacherous denial...

  • Mr. Seecoomar's book on conflict resolution deserved much more attention

  • Dr. Gibson should help, not spit in our collective Guyanese face

  • This book can only spread fear

  • Dr Gibson is not pro PNC

  • Dr. Gibson's book is the lightning rod of our times

  • Black people must fight with history not myths

  • Our task is to drive wedges in the authoritarianism that rejects racial equality

  • Professional ethics on television still sadly lacking

  • The identification of a guilty race is a big mistake

  • Elites manipulate ethnic identities in their quest for power

  • Hinduism is largely a matter of practice, few in any religion understand its complexities

  • These two books also made a contribution to the ethnic debate

  • Africans were never classified as Sudras

  • Freddie Kissoon's review of Dr. Gibson's book is scholarly

  • Criticism of Ms Gibsonís book has nothing to do with her race

  • Mr Kissoonís analysis of Dr Gibsonís book is flawed

  • A peasant Hinduism was brought to Guyana

  • Dr Gibsonís book should be discussed, not banned

  • Africans are seen through the prism of the culture responsible for their enslavement

  • Ms Gibsonís premise is false, there is no evidence of research


  • The debate on the ethnic situation is lopsided

  • Ms Gibsonís book shows no evidence of research

  • Africans are seen through the prism of the culture responsible for their enslavement

  • We do not have caste problems in Guyana

  • Debate on Gibsonís book

  • Match should not have been linked to dead cricketer

  • Dr Gibsonís book should be discussed, not banned

  • The separate but equal philosophy ROAR is advocating seems like something from the past

  • GIHA says it did speak out on Ms Gibsonís book, persons inciting racial hostility should be charged

  • I donít believe in ad hominem attacks

  • This is a boring and futile debate

  • Who published Dr Gibsonís book?

  • Misir's review of Gibson's book misinterpreted

  • This TV programme will alienate Indian voters

  • The caste system is not relevant in Guyana

  • Some Indo-Guyanese are Muslims, Christians

  • No authenticity of information by Dr. Kean Gibson

  • Gibsonís theory is not appropriate


    Book Reviews

  • The case for scholarship in Kean Gibson's Book

  • Cycling to a better place

  • Books on race in Guyana - Kean Gibson's The Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana

  • Dr Gibson's book

  • Dr Gibsonís book is unscholarly, apparently unedited and a work of propaganda

  • Spurious explanation for racial domination


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