Dr. Gibson should help, not spit in our collective Guyanese face
Guyana Chronicle
November 10, 2003

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I've read most of the letters in your paper regarding Dr. Keane Gibson's book. These letters are very scholarly and come from high academic circles. They make for good academic discussions. These types of discussions are important. We are all grateful for the freedom of press Guyana now enjoys.

Now as a practical person I ask myself what's new? How is this book or these discussions helping to move Guyana forward? We all know that things are not what it could be between the races in Guyana. Guyana is a work in process in many areas. There are worse places on earth. However, we need the help of these brilliant educated Guyanese.

Now Dr. Gibson grew up in Guyana, went off to some great universities and studied for years. Getting a doctorate degree is a lot of hard work, lots of studying, lots of researching. After all of this we expect something big from one of Guyana's daughters. Instead she spits in our collective Guyanese face to please her publishers. Most people with "minority degrees" are only "allowed" to write about minority issues such as how bad the blacks have it under white rule. That topic has been overworked. She calls Indian Hindus "Nazis". If she ever met someone from a real Nazi concentration camp she would not use that word so loosely.

Ms. Gibson takes the same 'Black versus white" issues from England and the USA and tries to force it to fit into some pattern, any pattern in Guyana. Throwing in words like "Nazi" etc. to juice up the book Come on Dr. Gibson, you can do better. If you write a real book about bringing real economic prosperity to Guyana I'll tell all my friends to buy it. We need great ideas. With economic prosperity there will be no need for books like yours.

Guyana is on the right path; this is the best it has ever been. We must grab the bull by the horns and pursue the great equalizer - economic prosperity and democracy. We need everyone's help. Now is your chance. Light a candle instead of curse the darkness. Help anyway you can. Help with exporting books for schools, medical aid, feed the hungry, start a business, do something! If you miss this chance you will forever be a complainer. You will forever be cursing the darkness. We need your help now. How will you help?

Yours faithfully
Barry Harsaran