I don’t believe in ad hominem attacks

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September 25, 2003

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Dear Editor,

I apologise to Dr. Kean Gibson for stating that she received her PhD from UWI - the mistake arose from an unwarranted assumption that since her book, The Cycle of Racial Oppression (not “Violence” as Mr. Moore wrote) in Guyana, was funded by UWI that she had done her work there.

The reference to UWI, however, could not possibly be reasonably seen as putting down that institution. The reference in question stated, “But Dr. Gibson, who received her PhD from the University of the West Indies, knows that simply asserting that two things exist doesn’t prove that one is the cause of the other.” That is, I am declaring that a graduate of UWI would have the necessary academic training in logic. I do not believe in ad hominem attacks. My response to Dr. Gibson is in three parts and I look respectively at her methodology, her substantive argument and her stated rationale for writing the book.

I am attaching the first part that Mr Moore (SN 9-23-03 “Dr. Gibson got her PhD from University of York) found objectionable.

Yours faithfully,

Ravi Dev