Gibson’s theory is not appropriate
Guyana Chronicle
July 5, 2003

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After reading Dr. Kean Gibson’s book “The Cycle on Racial Oppression in Guyana”, I have to point out that her statements about the caste system is totally wrong and she did not take the time to deal with the class system.

Indians who are Hindus cannot oppress Africans that are not Hindus, so Gibson’s theory is inappropriate. She should have realized that very few Africans in Guyana are Hindus and even so the caste system is not strictly observed in Guyana.

The class system and the Hindu caste system are totally different. I hope Gibson will explain how Indians and Africans of the same class intermingle. For example: Indians and Africans of the upper class interact with each other without the Africans being oppressed by the Indians, so I hope Dr. Gibson will explain the oppression of two racial groups in a similar class position.

Both Africans and Indians in Guyana have their own class systems among them. And there is nowhere people of different ethnic groups can oppress each other in the same class position.

I would also like her to explain the way in which the upper class Hindus are oppressing Africans of the upper class. The Hindu caste system is only effective when Hindus are of the four castes, and in Guyana the caste system is not strictly observed. Hindus cannot oppress Africans, so Gibson should have researched another theory to write her book instead of using the Hindu caste system.
Anita Lall