Seven officers charged for crimes in 2002
-out of 255 complaints
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March 2, 2003

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Seven police ranks were criminally charged last year following complaints to the Office of Professional Responsibility of the Guyana Police Force and there are at least eight files which have been referred to the DPP for advice.

A press statement from the Police Public Relations Department said that the Office of Professional Responsibility received 255 complaints against members of the force last year, 228 of which had been fully investigated. The seven ranks were charged for assault, inflicting grievous bodily harm and demanding money by menace, and simple larceny.

The police statement also released the corresponding figures for 2001, during which 197 complaints were received, 195 of which were investigated. Four ranks were criminally charged in 2001.

Classification of Complaints - 2001

Total Complaints Recorded 197

Total Complaints Completed 195

Total Complaints Outstanding 2

Investigated Complaints Resulting in

Criminal Charges 7

No. of Ranks Charged criminally 7

Investigated Complaints resulting in

Traffic Violation 1

No. Of ranks Charged for Traffic Violation 1

Investigated Complaints resulting in

Departmental Charges 19

No. of Ranks Disciplined/Transferred 39

Investigated Complaints Resulting

in Warning 19

No. of Ranks Warned 82

Classification of Offences 2001

Neglect of Duty 67

Larceny 2

Assault 41

Unlawful or Unnecessary exercise of Authority 18

Corrupt Practice 11

Wanting in Civility to Member of the Public 22

Conduct to the prejudice of good

order or discipline 18

Wrongful Dismissal 2

Rape 1

Wrongful Prosecution 8

Fraudulent Conversion 1

Firearm Irregularities 1

Damage to Property 2

Oppressive Conduct 1

Stolen of Misplaced Property 1

False Pretence 1

Summary of Criminal Charges - 2001

Assault Causing Actual Bodily Harm 3

Larceny from Person 1

Assault and Damage to Property 1

Inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm 2

Threatening Behaviour 1

Classification of Complaints 2002

Total Complaints Recorded 255

Total Complaints Completed 228

Total Complaints Outstanding at 2003-02-27 27

Files at DPP 8

Complaints at Divisions and Departments 19

Investigated Complaint Resulting

in criminal Charges 7

No. of Ranks Charged Criminally 7

Investigated Complaints for Traffic Violation 0

No. Ranks Charged for Traffic Violation 0

Investigated Complaints resulting

in Departmental Charges 28

No. of Ranks Disciplined/Transferred 34

Investigated Complaints Resulting in Warning 45

No of Ranks Warned 58

Classification of Offences 2002

Neglect of Duty 83

Larceny 2

Assault 30

Use of Unnecessary Force 35

Traffic Irregularity 3

Unlawful Arrest 1

Corrupt Transaction 14

Discredit on the Reputation of the Force 16

Abuse 2

Sexual Molestation 1

Wrongful Prosecution 12

Unlawful Detention 2

Incident 3

Indecent Assault 2

Incurring Debt 5

False Pretence 1

Tampering of Exhibits 1

Deficiency of Property 1

Rape 1

Conduct to the Prejudice of Good Order 17

Breach of Security 1

Wanting in Civility 10

Fraud 1

Harassment 4

Threats 3

Demanding Money by Menace 1

Breach of Agreement 2

Shooting Incident 1

Summary of Criminal Charges - 2002

Assault Causing Actual Bodily Harm 4

Inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm 1

Demanding Money by menace 1

Simple Larceny 1

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