Man killed at Ogle linked to 13 murders -police
Stabroek News
February 15, 2003

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Rawle Williams who was shot dead by police on Wednesday night has been linked to some thirteen murders including five committed on law enforcement officers, according to the police.

A Police press release yesterday said 22-year-old Williams of Friendship Middle Walk Dam, who is also called Rawle Goodridge and `Dancehall Rabbit', was one of two men shot dead. He was "directly or indirectly" suspected to be involved in thirteen murders, arson, robberies and kidnappings.

The other man has been identified as Ronald Joseph, 33, of Buxton but originally from Half Mile Wismar and Golden Grove.

The two men were shot dead after their car ran through a roadblock at the junction of the Rupert Craig Highway and Ogle Old Road.

The police followed them and the men opened fire on the law enforcement officers who returned fire fatally wounding both of them.

Stabroek News understands that Joseph was a taxi driver and had recently moved to Buxton. He was said to be one of the persons seen driving around known criminals.

Reports also indicated that Williams was a known criminal and he was one of the persons involved in the shooting to death of police officer, Ronald Abel, two Mondays ago.

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