Wanted man Hoofman Lall shot dead by police
Stabroek News
January 21, 2003

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Wanted man Hoofman Lall was last evening shot dead during what police said was an armed confrontation with its members on Water Street.

Police said Lall had been wanted in connection with five murders.

Persons at the scene of the shooting said Lall was about to purchase a shirt from a clothes vendor when he was killed.

He was said to have frequented the Water Street area prior to his death, a vendor in the area said.

A GPF press release last night said that around 7 pm Lall was fatally shot on Water Street during an armed confrontation with the police. The release said that a firearm, which was stolen from slain CANU officer, Harold Duncan was found in his possession. The police said he was also wanted in connection with at least five murders, two of which involved the brutal slaying of policemen. The police said he was also suspected in the slaying of Roxanne Seckle, the businesswoman from Agricola, and the recent murder in Tiger Bay.

However, speaking to Stabroek News, a vendor on Water Street said that around 6:55 pm Lall went to a vendor to purchase a shirt when an off duty police officer spotted him.

The vendor said the officer immediately left the area and alerted other police officers. According to the vendor it seemed as if the police officers were tracking Lall and as soon as they were alerted they quickly cornered him by positioning themselves at both ends of the street.

The vendor said that Lall did not see the lawmen and while he was busily engaged in examining the shirt he was interested in, a blue 4X4 pulled up alongside him. Four ranks were in the vehicle and they jumped out of the vehicle and accosted Lall and threw him onto the ground.

Once on the ground the ranks pulled off a hood he was wearing over his face and exclaimed, “Dis is de man, cop killer, cop killer!”

After their exclamation the man was shot. He was then picked up, put into the back of the vehicle and taken to the Georgetown Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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