London's murder brings grief on the entire nation - Holder
Stabroek News
July 16, 2002

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In the wake of the latest shooting death of a policeman last Thursday night, executive member of the Guyana Action Party-Working People's Alliance (GAP-WPA), Sheila Holder, has issued a statement reiterating that Guyana is "in trouble".

"The brutal murder of Corporal [Adrian] London doesn't only bring grief upon his family, friends and colleagues; it pours grief on the whole nation, even upon those who cannot understand this at this time. Our society is in trouble with the recent upsurge in the brazen display of cold-blooded assassinations, murder, banditry and rape," says Holder, who is a Member of Parliament.

In the release issued yesterday, she said: "The simple truth is that violence begets violence. Violence, therefore, brings no resolutions to problems of injustice and other wrongdoings as history has taught us that those who live by the sword, are destined to die by the sword. We all violate the sanctity of life to our peril."

According to her, there is, however, no alternative to the Guyana Government taking the responsibility for the failure of the Guyana Police Force to bring to justice the criminals who are committing these dastardly acts. To ignore the consequences of what is now a major issue of nonperformance of the GPF is to do so to the nation's detriment.

"With each passing day, the capture of these marauding murderers has become an imperative. We should make no mistake about this. Our deepest sympathy is extended to the family, friends and colleagues of Corporal London."

London was the sixth policeman killed since the February 23, jailbreak by five men. Since that time, a number of civilians, too, were murdered and robbed.