More motorcycles for Guyana Police Force

Guyana Chronicle
December 17, 2002

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Cabinet last week awarded five contracts amounting to a total of $156,547,910M, which will make provision for works in the Education, Home Affairs and Local Government Ministries.

Speaking at his regular post-Cabinet press conference, Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon told reporters that of the five contracts three were awarded for works in the Education sector.

Firstly, a contract totalling G$88.310,114.00M covers construction of a laboratory block at the Berbice Campus of the University of Guyana, while a contract valued G$26.943,450.00M will result in the construction of the Winfer Gardens Primary School. This school has received much attention in the media following calls by parents and members of the school’s Parent Teachers’ Association for rehabilitative works to the school.

The third contract awarded amounts to G$23,036,138.00M for the rehabilitation of the Uitvulgt Primary School.

Additionally, a contract valued G$7.588,208.00M was awarded for additional works to be carried out under the Urban Development Programme. These works will entail rehabilitation to the Canvas City Road.

The final contract, amounting to G$10,670,000.00M, was awarded for the purchase of eleven motorcycles for use by members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF). (GINA)

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