Search for gang of five goes on
Stabroek News
April 18, 2002

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Police are said to be relentlessly following all leads and tips likely to lead to the recapture of the five Camp Street prison escapees, now referred to as the Gang of Five.

The five, Andrew Douglas, Shawn Browne, Dale Moore, Mark Fraser and Troy Dick have continued to evade police ever since they successfully escaped from the Camp Street facility in a daring jailbreak on February 23 which left a prison officer, Troy Williams dead and another, Roxanne Winfield critically injured.

Since their escape there has been a surge in criminal activities including hijackings and several robberies.

Efforts to secure their recapture led to the death of Police Superintendent Leon Fraser, who was shot as he and others attempted to investigate the presence of a vehicle said to have been one of those hijacked aback of Yarowkabra, Soesdyke/Linden Highway.

The police also confirmed that investigations into the shooting of police detective Sergeant Harry Kooseram on Monday last were ongoing, while declining to state whether any anyone had been fingered.

They also declined to say whether they had any suspects in relation to the shooting on Saturday last in Bachelor's Adventure ECD, which left 17-year-old, Gavin Sobers dead and 26-year-old, Melroy Goodman severely injured. They were not in a position to say whether Goodman had been interviewed by the police.

Meanwhile, a release from the department yesterday accused what it called criminal elements on the East Coast Demerara (ECD) bent on causing mayhem, of digging another ditch across the Embankment Roadway in the vicinity of Brush Dam, in the village of Friendship ECD.

This latest incident of wanton destruction according to the police, had brought the number of ditches dug on that roadway to three. The police called on law-abiding residents of Buxton to distance themselves from those who perpetuate these acts.

Questioned about whether officers who fired on protestors encroaching a police barricade on the day of Blair's funeral were using live rounds or pellets, the police were unable to clarify this, but pointed to a release issued that day which stated that a warning shot had been fired in the air in an attempt to disperse the crowd and there was a return of fire from within the crowd.