Burnham did have American limousines
Stabroek News
May 28, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Messrs Peter Grainger and John Khasseyan seem intent on a long correspondence about the 'Burnham limousines' and their provenance, Frankly, there are much more important national issues worthy of discussion but:

1. I saw the retired state cars - and yes they were American limousines - covered up in dust cloths in the garages of Castellani House way back in 1993. No 'party glasses' were used. Merely my own eyes. Nobody told me the background to them. It was patently obvious to a blind man what their previous usage had been. To deny the past is to face the future without a real sense of truth. I repeat, the journalism on that for The Guardian was rock solid.

2. Those who are losing arguments quickly move the goal posts. I'm not sure of the relevance of the London High Commission and its usage as a residence or bed and breakfast hotel which these two gentlemen have now moved on to discuss. But, I salute the current High Commissioner Laleshwar Singh for the commendable efforts he has made in involving the diaspora with the mission. The President's recent visit, packed as the High Commission was to the gills, showed the depth of this involvement.

Messrs Grainger and Khasseyan ought now to direct their considerable intellectual and internet search energies to matters of much more import and substance.

I now regard this correspondence as closed.

Yours faithfully,

John Mair