Letters on: Forbes Burnham, Equality of Religion and Balram Singh

  1. The PPP resents the WPA for playing a leading role in the anti-Burnham struggle
  2. Rigged elections ruined Burnham's legacy
  3. Learning from the past
  4. Burnham made no contribution to a Guyanese identity
  5. Forbes Burnham made a major contribution to our nation
  6. The concept of equality of religion was established in 1957
  7. Burnham left a record of failure
  8. Minister Balram Singh Rai played a major role in the ending of denominational control of schools
  9. Burnham must be judged on the effects of his rule
  10. Neither Brindley Benn nor I recall Dr Ramharack's version of events
  11. Mr Rai was fulfilling a commitment clearly stated in the PPP manifesto
  12. Mr Rai deserves some recognition
  13. Many inaccuracies in Mr Green's letter
  14. People do not eat symbols
  15. Official records by themselves cannot help sufficiently to reconstruct the past
  16. Burnham intervened to set a minimum wage
  17. A palace it never was
  18. I saw them with my own eyes
  19. What limousines could Mr Mair have seen?
  20. Burnham did have American limousines
  21. No comparison to presidential residences elsewhere
  22. Limousines were used for state occasions and special visits
  23. Mrs. Burnham way off gear
  24. The excesses of corruption that ground Guyana to poverty under PNC
  25. Burnham was a strong leader but no demon
  26. Burnham had an optimistic view of the future
  27. I judge Burnham's legacy on the state of the nation he left behind
  28. A lot of foreign exchange was frittered away, huge fuel debt built up