All these beauty contests are exploitative
Stabroek News
May 1, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Almost every month businesswomen and men hold fashion shows where young ladies exhibit their bodies to be graded.

The most recent show, Ms Guyana Pageant, which I viewed on the television to get a picture of what took place, brought to the fore how uncaring and exploitative the persons behind these events are. If the administration of the NCC had not mopped the stage before the show, it surely got mopped many times over by the bolts of cloth wrapping that were slung over the young ladies and called evening gowns, and dragged around the stage. It seems as if all the designers were out to do was make as much profit as possible.

These shows are an exploitation of young women the world over. Yes, a few out of the many who are lured to go on the shows do indeed become popular and successful but what about the hundreds who don't make it. After becoming an exhibit they become a statistic and the promoters move on to another set of young ladies.

I have a suggestion for all the promoters of these shows especially the women who in most cases are fully grown and mature people. Have a show, and invite your peers where the art of filling wrinkles could be the highpoint, the pot bellied, balding and gray, well designed teeth, sagging thighs and the different brands of tyres. Have a show that exhibits those finer qualities of a human body. I am sure with such talent one would fill the NCC a thousand times over. Stop luring our young women with false glad tidings when all you want is to exploit them.

Young women I know most of you feel good about yourself, which is very good, but you don't have to go on these exhibitions to be graded like animals. When it is over how do you feel if you don't win? You are still beautiful to you and your eternal father. No one can grade a human body, which is what these shows boil down to. Each human being is beautiful in the form it is created in.

Promoters use the line that education and IQ must stand out, if that is the case use the same money and time to promote an educational show. Stop exploiting our young women.

Yours faithfully,

Peter John Harrison