Letters on: Pageants and Celebrations

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  1. Much more has to be done to prepare Ms Sobers
  2. Miss African Heritage Pageant was well run but disrupted by indisciplined element
  3. Behaviour at pageant symptomatic of new culture
  4. Reshape the Amerindian Heritage Pageant
  5. No comparison between election protests and behaviour at pageant
  6. The government should not sponsor pageants perpetuating sexist stereotypes
  7. Ethnocentric beauty pageants
  8. Guyanese observed Diwali in New York
  9. Guyanese Christmas celebrations in full swing in New York
  10. How can Good Friday be observed on the same day as Phagwah?
  11. Those were the good old days
  12. Nothing wrong with Good Friday, Phagwah on same day
  13. Ill-advised to change date for Mash
  14. Mash on Monday instead?
  15. Mash should not be deferred
  16. Sacrifice could be done the following day
  17. Room can fill with smoke before the heat of a fire awakens you
  18. Children's Costume Parade was a smash hit
  19. A festival of arts would be better
  20. The cultural sterility of Mash is the outcome of thwarted colonial consciousness
  21. Mash was a success
  22. Signs of togetherness
  23. Mash was widely supported
  24. Guyanese artistes should be the entertainers at the Ms Guyana Universe pageant
  25. Against children’s Mash
  26. There will be a Miss Guyana World Pageant
  27. Guyanese in New York ready for Phagwah festivities
  28. Mash is not widely supported
  29. Questions about the Pageant
  30. The origin of the word Mashramani
  31. Politicians take liberties in explaining the significance of religious events
  32. Intelligence test was an embarrassment
  33. Untrue and malicious
  34. Jazz music made everyone sleepy including judges
  35. Disgusting and discriminating
  36. Mia has a beautiful and expressive face
  37. Miss Guyana Pageant was a disappointment
  38. This type of behaviour will not encourage tourism
  39. It seems we may need independent observers for beauty contests
  40. Channel 9 did broadcast another programme with different views on the pageant
  41. Gowns were terrible, décor was dull
  42. The pageant was badly organised and poorly displayed
  43. Resistance to May 5 being a national holiday
  44. The pageant judges were extensively briefed about what to look for
  45. All these beauty contests are exploitative
  46. Hindus should not organise beauty pageants
  47. Someone who has presence