The pageant judges were extensively briefed about what to look for
Stabroek News
May 1, 2002

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Dear Editor,

If only Mr. Lorri Alexander could learn the value of offering constructive criticism on the issues he feels he must address publicly and restraining himself from descending to the level of abusive personal attack on those he disagrees with, he might enjoy the recognition and respect he believes he deserves. In fact, I agree and support his critique of much of the stage production, hosting and presentation of the Miss Guyana Pageant.

We have in Guyana theatre producers, directors and talent capable of a much higher standard of entertainment than presented on stage in support of the Pageant.

Lorri Alexander, as, indeed everyone else, is perfectly entitled to publicly express his opinion about the final choice of the judges and his own personal biases.

Mr Alexander's public behaviour, however, became intolerable when first he marched backstage at the conclusion of the Pageant to loudly abuse and insult, for everyone within earshot to hear, the organisers, the judges and, worst of all, the delegates, in a fit of bad temper and appalling bad manners.

Vastly more intolerable was Mr. Alexander's use of the privilege he is granted as a broadcaster by encouraging and permitting the personal slandering of the winner and the organisers and inaccurately misrepresenting the facts about the selection and briefing of the judges.

His letter [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] to the Stabroek News (29th April), this time resorting to personal ad hominem attacks on Mr. Odinga Lumumba and myself, simply adds insult to injury and nothing to his reputation or his cause.

Always ready and willing and ever able, it seems, to be nasty, Alexander implies that as a judge I brought to bear an inherent bias for Ms. Rahaman because I have been associated with motor racing and she was a grasstrack motorcycle race promoter. How silly can he get? It is difficult to fathom the depth to which Alexander can descend in exercising his bile.

On the selection and briefing of the judges, to the best of my knowledge and speaking personally, though asked whether we were available, Mr. Lumumba did not confirm the appointment of any judge until the day before the Pageant in an effort, as he saw it, to protect us from being importuned. The night before the Pageant and again on the evening of the Pageant, the judges received extensive briefing from knowledgeable and experienced persons from the Miss Universe organisation about what we were expected to look for.

At this and other previous Pageants, the organisers have, unfortunately, failed to properly and fully explain to the audience how judging is done. This should be done, especially explaining the quantum of points which are awarded for various aspects of the delegate's presentation. It just might help avoid the angry and senseless displays of audience bad manners imposed on just about every kind of beauty pageant, including those organised by Lorri Alexander.

I suppose we should be amused that a panel of judges which included the Chief Justice and the Chairman of the Elections Commission, two former Miss Universe Pageant winners and the runner up of the Miss USA should be described by Alexander as "green as grass". Incidentally, Alexander should not presume to know what my choice or any other judge's choice of winner in fact was, unless he has had access to the score sheets.

What a pity that Alexander has only now come to the conclusion that the collective decision of the judges is final and that Mia Rahaman deserves Guyana's full support and should never have been made the target of the unbridled, orchestrated abuse directed at her for which Mr. Alexander can hardly plead innocence.

Yours faithfully,

Kit Nascinmento