Not familiar with regions
Stabroek News
April 24, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I am a Guyanese living in Canada for twenty five years. I just love to keep in touch with what is going on in my country, but there is one thing that confuses me among others. None of us seem to understand why all of a sudden the names of villages and towns that we are accustomed to are replaced with numbers. How are we to understand Region 5, or 6 or 9 or some other number? Where are these places?

I heard about Buxton in the news, I know where that is, but why in other articles are Regional numbers mentioned instead of the names of the villages and/or towns?

Yours faithfully,

Nicky Porter

Editor's note

The country is divided into Ten Regions, each of which has a Regional Democratic Council with a Chairman and Councillors. This dates back to the 1980 constitution where Article 72 (1) stated that Parliament may provide for the division of Guyana into ten regions and into such sub-regions and other subdivisions as it may deem fit for the purpose of organising local democratic organs. Ten Regions were duly established and have been in operation since. Region 4, which includes Georgetown, is the most populous region. However, smaller units exist within each region and are called Neighbourhood Democratic Councils. Elections take place for the Regional Democratic Councils and the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils.