Letters on: General Information

  1. How Public Utilities Commissions function in the USA
  2. Access to information is vital to democracy
  3. Happy 35th Birthday, Guyana
  4. A distinction should be drawn between the original Dutch settlers here and British colonialism
  5. Get Guyana's Constitution in line
  6. City Hall will soon embark on massive drainage exercise
  7. GDF has produced scholars and leaders at all levels
  8. We have some star performers
  9. Information on Noni is readily available
  10. The Demerara bridge was the second largest floating bridge in the world at time of construction
  11. Dr Gustav Jackson is a Guyanese and a representative of Greenpeace
  12. Impressed with Dr Thomas's column on Globalisation
  13. I thoroughly enjoyed the awards ceremony for Guyanese in England
  14. Letter columns serving useful purpose
  15. Bouquets for Emile
  16. Government should seek help in deportee issue
  17. Villagers should have been consulted in advance on site of health centre
  18. There was wide community consultation on the location of the health centres
  19. Sookraj fire insurance claim still not settled
  20. Stabroek News could have spoken to me
  21. Prisons - places of reform or universities of crime?
  22. Bad engineering decisions may be responsible for breach in dam
  23. Possible reasons for failure of the conservancy dam
  24. Government's quick response to flooding
  25. Monitor the "loose cannons"
  26. Some thoughts on the breach of the Conservancy Dam
  27. The East Demerara Water Conservancy Board has been underfunded for decades
  29. Prosecute violators to the fullest
  30. Give deportees a chance
  31. I challenge Pastor Daniel to a public debate on Obeah
  32. What Nelson Mandela wrote about Mahatma Gandhi
  33. What about the contribution of slaves?
  34. Legacy of slavery
  35. We need a new national airline
  36. A Freedom of Information Act would be welcome
  37. We need more public libraries
  38. Loss of live storage capacity in the conservancy would result in higher flood levels in the rainy season
  39. Geotechnical engineering is not an exact science
  40. We need a museum at Linden
  41. Deportees would benefit from an induction course
  42. Are we prepared for small pox?
  43. Berbicians need a committee to monitor their problems
  44. Raise the tax threshold
  45. Gandhi was no Gunga Din but a dedicated fighter for the poor
  46. Need for history book on Guyana
  47. Long letters
  48. Child abusers must be punished
  49. Reporters sometimes make mistakes
  50. Tremendous achievements of Ministry of health
  51. Freedom of information act
  52. Cinema owners must improve their premises to attract patrons
  53. Early Christmas rush
  54. Bipartisan committee should seek to improve accounting standards in ministries
  55. Survey riddled with flaws
  56. Eusi, please help me recover my dog Tiger
  57. Clear demonstration of bias
  58. President's photo should have been on front page
  59. Number one New Year's resolution
  60. Folding of Tony Cozier's magazine is a sad day for West Indian cricket
  61. Dr King's appointment to Brussels is welcome
  62. With political will new broadcasting legislation could have been passed a decade ago
  63. Mike Singh's diatribes are not relevant
  64. Condoms are not 100 percent safe despite what the official reports say
  65. The issue of BWIA as our flag carrier should be carefully considered
  66. The obituary to an intellectual tradition
  67. Important page in the struggle for freedom
  68. IDB funded road project seems to ignore Greater Georgetown Development Plan
  69. Closure of regional news agency a sad blow
  70. Ms Cox treated Carib Noni unfairly in her consumer Sunday columns
  71. Bridges are being dealt with under another project
  72. Should there be high buildings in Georgetown?
  73. Both the main parties are prey to the culture of control
  74. Sex education is important
  75. Call for professional assessment
  76. Better GPL services needed at New Amsterdam
  77. Some senior officers at City Hall have been carrying out orders but not others
  78. Guyana 5l
  79. Coverage of pension books issue was sensational
  80. Development at Lethem, but will this be a pitched road?
  81. Why the comparison?
  82. The $200M pension book scam
  83. I support the use of condoms but do not agree they are l00% safe
  84. Linden is in the doldrums
  85. A balanced approach is necessary
  86. A permanent media code is desirable
  87. Award to Ambassador Ishmael should have been covered
  88. Total freedom of the press in Guyana
  89. Indian Indenture Database Project
  90. Room can fill with smoke before the heat of a fire awakens you
  91. Telephone rental rates are woefully uneconomic
  92. Seeking popularity by way of anarchy
  93. Government must respect the separation of powers
  94. Court has not disallowed claim that pension funds are not available for distribution to creditors
  95. The T&HD Demerara ferry service is a nightmare
  96. Critics of GT&T overlook its achievements
  97. Domestic violence affects us all
  98. The previous generation destroyed the future
  99. Outlying hospitals not adequately manned and equipped
  100. 4-lane highway not the answer
  101. Government has refused arbitration for public servants wages
  102. The Yellow Pages Girl
  103. Sexual molestation of children seems widespread
  104. What you sow is what you reap
  105. Lawless littering continues, people must be charged
  106. GT&T monopoly cannot be sustained legally
  107. Lawyers should help establish societal values
  108. Law should make it mandatory to report sexual abuse of children
  109. Links between alcohol and domestic abuse
  110. The rates for cellular service to the U.S.A should be reduced due to reduction in settlement rate
  111. Mr Benschop needs guidance
  112. An important guide Indeed
  113. Open policy
  114. BWIA ought to issue statement
  115. The age of consent is l3 years
  116. Flooding may be due to factors not connected to poorly constructed sea defences
  117. Government must 'walk the talk'
  118. Remembering Walter
  119. A ten-point plan for improving the city
  120. PNC must take full blame
  121. Cheddi Jagan was a leading internationalist
  122. Colonel Christine King would be a good Commissioner of Police
  123. What are the expectations of the political establishment of the role of civil society?
  124. The slogan can erode our values
  125. GPL should have done better to reduce transmission and distribution losses
  126. Telecom deregulation necessary for progress, fixed cellular technology seems to be the future
  127. A morbid fear occasioned by useless ceremony and exploitative claims of the ability to control spirit forces
  128. Reducing poverty and creating jobs
  129. Budget does little to help to promote investment, provide jobs
  130. Endless possibilities exist
  131. We can learn from prison experience abroad
  132. The road to Brazil will bring massive investment
  133. Budget seeks to expand economic base
  134. Tribute to Walter
  135. Time to fight back
  136. Benschop fails to comprehend
  137. What steps have the management of GPL taken to stamp out internal corruption?
  138. It's the media's duty to expose problems
  139. Time for a reality check
  140. Regulate engineering
  141. Relieving poverty must be part of the fight against terrorism
  142. Ads that encourage teenage alcohol abuse should not be accepted
  143. Guyana Post Office wrote me explaining problems with overseas mail in Trinidad
  144. The origin of the word Mashramani
  145. Every effort has to be made to reduce the consumption of alcohol
  146. Report did not recommend blacklisting B.K. International
  147. Is Buxton a sanctuary?
  148. Dr. Luncheon has grossly exceeded the powers of his office
  149. State control of radio, other media puts a dampener on press freedom
  150. Criticised for action or inaction
  151. There should be a temporary cessation of contracts for B.K. International
  152. New measures needed to help cinema industry
  153. Buxton has become out of control
  154. Other organisations should show support for fight against crime
  155. The inability to think critically leads to irrational responses
  156. Nascimento wants to tell the black media how to behave
  157. Not familiar with regions
  158. Letter writing factories
  159. Prisoners should be given productive labour
  160. Make Bryn Pollard the crime czar with UN support
  161. Many TV station owners exercise no control over programme content
  162. We have our own standards for talk shows
  163. Radio monopoly, state owned TV, still a major part of the problem of broadcasting regulation
  164. Canít the president or his agent intervene in the operations of state owned agencies or commissions?
  165. There was no need for me to take a management trainee course
  166. Several steps to fight corruption
  167. Human rights groups should not criticise each other
  168. Can DPP withdraw criminal proceedings?
  169. Cummings could file a constitutional motion claiming redress for discrimination
  170. Mr Cummings' dismissal should be investigated
  171. Is party paramountcy alive and well?
  172. Forestry Commission is an independent body, the case cited by Mr McKay was distinguished by CJ Carl Singh in his decision
  173. DPP has power to withdraw private criminal prosecution, need not give reason
  174. Dr Luncheon sought to bring closure to the Cummings matter
  175. Broadcasting Committee should fine TV stations heavily, not withdraw their licences
  176. TV stations should be penalized severely
  177. Flabbergasted by broadcasting committee's pronouncement
  178. Why does society trivialize the lives of women killed by male relatives?
  179. The duties of the coroner
  180. A palace it never was
  181. The role of the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting
  182. The best way to develop healthy attitudes to sex is to give accurate information about it
  183. Thomas and McDonald's articles are worth reading
  184. Pre-tender audits of all major building and civil engineering projects should be carried out
  185. No comparison to presidential residences elsewhere
  186. Limousines were used for state occasions and special visits
  187. The Procurement Act is flawed
  188. Insidious editorials
  189. Dr Ishmael should be given the Order of Excellence
  190. News about expatriate Guyanese can be found in publications in the USA
  191. Father Morrison should be honoured in a larger way
    February 1, 2004

  192. Doctors in the public system are bound by duty and nationalism
  193. Local doctors endure dreadful conditions at the Georgetown Hospital
  194. Doctors' flats need urgent upgrading
  195. The all weather road to Lethem is well advanced
  196. Buxton will have a rebirth
  197. Those children are scarred for life
  198. Mr Prior, restart interconnection work now
  199. An abusive situation had existed for eleven years
  200. 'End of street protests' decision must be applauded
  201. Courts should impose heavy penalties on child abuse offenders
  202. Mashramani must be truly reflective of the cultural heritage of all Guyanese
  203. Did our police play a role in the recent drug bust of a Guyanese ring?
  204. Coastguard should be a separate armed service