Vincent Alexander has given yeoman service in the PNC
Stabroek News
April 12, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I am of the opinion that the only candidate that the PNC/R can present to the Guyanese public is Mr. Vincent Alexander. Mr. Alexander joined the party while still a teenager and worked with many others to develop the party while also pursuing his own academic and social development. I recall that he served with distention as Chairman of the YSM and later, Central Executive Committee Member, before becoming its Vice Chairman. Mr. Alexander's devotion has demonstrated someone who genuinely has something to give to the PNC/R; he did not choose to come to the party when he had already achieved his personal goals; he came when he was needed - that is putting the party and nation in its correct prospective.

During his stint Mr. Alexander demonstrated a high level of independence, as such it was not by accident that he was never chosen to be in parliament or as a Minister of Government. He was perceived as one who was prepared to stand by his opinions and challenge decisions that were not in the interest of the nation.

Obviously then he is the only candidate with the political experience who has not been touched negatively by any so-called bad decisions of the then PNC/R Governments. In fact he will have the unique opportunity to draw on the strengths of the previous PNC/R Governments, while at the same time avoiding the mistakes and pitfalls of these governments. Unlike what some others are seeking to suggest, only Mr. Corbin, in terms of being fully respected and supported within the party organization, matches Mr. Alexander. However, in terms of bringing new ideas to the PNC/R administration while at the same time drawing on its experience Mr. Corbin should fully support Mr. Alexander's bid to be elected as its leader.

I therefore call on all the delegates to the Congress not to be influenced by any of the propaganda and vote solidly for Mr. Alexander.

Yours faithfully,

(name and address provided)