Letters on: PNC Leadership

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  1. The PNC is no longer an opposition of any consequence
  2. Norton is not a member of the PNC
  3. PNC/R once had active party groups
  4. Aubrey Norton's strike at Mr Hoyte was inopportune
  5. The PNC should have a debate on a future leader and what he or she has to offer
  6. PNC needs a modern, new image
  7. I am willing to wage the ideological debate
  8. Norton and other critics have been notably deficient in crafting an alternative policy for the PNC
  9. The party constitution provides for leadership changes
  10. Norton seems to advocate tribal politics of a confrontational mode
  11. Can the PNC mount a successful election campaign?
  12. Any new PNC leader should be elected by Congress in the proper way
  13. I helped recruit many young people for the PNC
  14. Aspiring PNC leaders must focus on free market principles
  15. Will there be a Hoyte successor?
  16. The GYSM strongly backs Mr Hoyte's leadership
  17. Yesterday's man
  18. Mr Hoyte should ensure that the process for election of a new PNC leader at Congress is democratic and transparent
  19. Raphael Trotman is a credible challenger
  20. PNC/Reform has changed its ideology and its economics
  21. Prime Minister Sam Hinds is living in the real world
  22. New PNC leader must have a racially inclusive programme
  23. Hoyte should back Trotman as a consensus candidate
  24. Hoyte should call it a day
  25. Cammie should be next leader
  26. A new dimension in PNC politics
  27. Replacing Hoyte
  28. PNC needs an experienced leader
  29. Trotman is the right choice for leader
  30. Not his own man
  31. Campaign for leadership of PNC is a matter of public interest
  32. Integrity and credibility problem
  33. The policies of potential leaders need to be examined
  34. PNC needs to win Indian votes
  35. Trotman is not mature enough for leadership
  36. What special attributes for leadership does Mr. Trotman have?
  37. If to want lasting peace is to be immature then line me up
  38. PNC needs strong organization to get out all its voters, can Mr Trotman handle that?
  39. To become a leader
  40. Trotman has many well wishers
  41. Lacking objectivity
  42. Showing his true colours
  43. Guyana needs a leader with a vision
  44. Candidates for PNC leadership must state their position on issues
  45. Trotman is well respected in the party
  46. Is the PPP/C ready for genuine reconciliation?
  47. Vincent Alexander has given yeoman service in the PNC
  48. Can't judge politicians only on what they say or write
  49. Time for a new image
  50. Carl Greenidge could be the successor
  51. New PNC leader must be part of a team