Dr. Nehusi's note was illuminating
Stabroek News
April 9, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Dr. Kimani Nehusi's brilliant treatment, published in Stabroek News on March 20th , of the history of human-kind (note human-kind and not just of Africans) is important for dispelling ignorance, not only among us Black people, but among all Guyanese because of the light that it throws on the meaning and the development of civilization. The arrogance with which Europeans destroyed a technology of life in Africa that connected the physical and the spiritual worlds so that they interrelated at all times and not just on Sundays-that arrogance was driven by a primitive male-dominated view that is based on the materialism of the market and the associated relations of power. The church was compromised in that relationship to the point of giving approval to so called "just wars."

For as long as the world does not return to the very ancient African enlightenment where women are equally "big time spiritual heavy-weights"(not just female replacements in the context of a male dominated power psychology), and where "women are generally valued equally with men," the world will not benefit from the influence of a more explicit relation of gender balance and we will never know peace. We will futilely escalate war with more and more brutally destructive weaponry.

But that is another matter. For the present, we can only hope that Dr. Kimani returns to teach us more about the "religious borrowings and influences from Africans." (I am retaining the traditional spelling of Africa out of habit). A few more lengthy articles of such stimulating ideas will merit recording in Ripley's Believe it or Not, for their enlightenment , and not for the mundane adding up of words.

Yours faithfully,

Clarence F. Ellis