Letters on: Religion

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  1. Four major religions
  2. Hinduism is not afraid of evolution
  3. Myths satisfy a spiritual need
  4. There are differences between the Christian God and the Muslim God
  5. Issues of religious faith must not be disguised as modern science
  6. Every religion has had historical episodes of violence
  7. The Catholic Church has condemned extra-judicial killings
  8. The message of Christ to humanity must be distinguished from religious dogma
  9. The church should be more involved
  10. The time is right for a hard look at religious dogma
  11. What is a secular state?
  12. All religions should be free to distribute their literature to schools
  13. Religious irrationality growing in Guyana
  14. Rev Haley had proposed that Guyana be described in the constitution as a multi-religious state
  15. The book of hope fiasco
  16. Vatican II statement on other religions is redolent with ambiguities
  17. Some Christian Pentecostal preachers show contempt for other faiths
  18. Keep the education in our schools secular
  19. Nation still in the healing process
  21. I am concerned about fundamental human rights
  22. Believers should be sensitive and respectful to other religions
  23. Teach a child hate, and he will practise war
  24. Regular venom towards Christianity
  25. The phenomenon of religious proselytism
  26. Converts to Islam don't have to take an Arabic name
  27. Wiser to remain in old belief system
  28. There are other threats to the secular state
  29. Cause better served by religious leaders
  30. Why proselytize?
  31. We needed a truth and reconciliation commission
  32. Let us pray for our brothers who face persecution
  33. Scripture must be studied to be understood
  34. The problem of determinism v free will
  35. Islam is not the ancestral religion of Africans
  36. Race has no importance in Islam
  37. Look at the traditional dress of Africans
  38. In African faiths God is infinite
  39. Race has no importance in Islam
  40. Mr Nkofi should seek to engage Muslims in dialogue
  41. Is monotheism superior to polytheism?
  42. There are black sheep in every religion
  43. Bilal was promoted to high rank
  44. Muslim scholars helped spread secular knowledge
  45. The African slaves who came here were not Muslims
  46. Mr Singh should give details of the Muslims who went to Libya
  47. What the Prophet Muhammad said
  48. The pen was not the only means of writing
  49. Islam did not destroy national culture
  50. African religious teachings are being put into written form
  51. Theocracies are a backward form of government
  52. Setting the record straight
  53. Third Caliph made official collection
  54. African faiths are not dogmatic
  55. Bedrock of all faith is love
  56. Downright insulting
  57. Did Africans produce a written language?
  58. Obeah is a reality of the West Indian region
  59. Dr Nehusi is wrong on Islam
  60. No evidence that obeah works for good or evil
  61. African languages are dying
  62. The African must face his predicament squarely without fake history or myths
  63. Religious belief can be divisive
  64. Dr. Nehusi's note was illuminating
  65. India is still suffering mentally from British colonial hegemony, the Hindu Renaissance seeks to repair this
  66. Swahili was developed by the Arab conquerors
  67. It is not religion but man's lust for power that causes wars
  68. Immigrants to the Caribbean always regarded themselves as Hindi speaking
  69. Africans are no different to anyone else