Winston Felix is the best choice for Commissioner
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April 6, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I refer to an article in Sunday Chronicle of 31st March, captioned "Task force steps up search for gang of five (page 2)" in which it is stated that a Commissioner of Police is to be selected and appointed from among those who attended a Senior Administrative Course in London recently, namely (1) Winston Felix (Deputy Commissioner acting) (2) Wills (Assistant Commissioner) (3) Leon Trim (Assistant Commissioner) (4) Jameer (Assistant Commissioner).

Mr Winston Felix is:- (1) Senior by appointment to the others. (2) A shrewd, tactical, disciplined and capable administrator who combined with his academic prowess will no doubt command full respect and cooperation from his subordinates. As a young policeman I had the privilege of serving under the astute leadership of Mr Felix and in my view he is the only one capable of restoring public confidence in the force.

I think it would also be opportune for a total restructuring of the force. My team are as follows:-

Winston Felix (Commissioner)
Jameer (Deputy Commissioner/Administration)
Leon Trim (Deputy Commissioner/Law En.)
Paul Slowe (Head Office of Professional Responsibility
Philbert Adams (Assistant Commissioner Crime)
L. George (Head of Special Branch)
Lenny Houstan (Traffic Chief)
Steve Merai (Commander 'A' Division)
Frederick Caesar (Commander 'B' Division)
E. Tappin (Commander 'C'' Division)
Wills (Commander 'D' Division)
Wittiker (Commander 'E' & 'F' Division)
Phillip English (O/C Crime 'A' Division)
Mackinlall (O/C Homicide CID Head Quarter)
Ivan Daniels (O/C Fraud Squad CID Head Quarters Eve Leary)
Daniels is the best and most experienced fraud investigator. Mr Leon Fraser (head Target Special force) (editor's note - now deceased)

Detective Asp Husbands O/C Crime 'C' Division

Detective DSP Oliver O/C Crime E & F Division.

I take this opportunity also to petition for the removal of all those senior uniformed ranks who were introduced at CID by Mr Laurie Lewis and who have no knowledge of crime detection and never even did the basic CID induction course. These men are square pegs in round holes and an impediment to CID personnel who came through the ranks and are responsible for the many unsolved crimes.

Yours faithfully,
Clive Gibbs