Police have been outmanoeuvred
Stabroek News
April 6, 2002

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Dear Editor,

It would be inhuman and unchristian if I did not convey my sympathy to Supt. Fraser's family. There will be many questions asked whether his death could have been avoided by better police surveillance. I have often felt that one of the best methods in attacks is that of surprise.

If we can assume that the spate of robberies and car hijacking around the city and country districts were that of these bandits then the police have been outmanoeuvred. How, I ask, can they elude the police so many times and yet travel some 30 miles to the highway unapprehended. Where are our communication sets? What about the road blocks, though I admit that it can cause a shootout on confrontation. But the essential element is to prevent their subsequent getaway.

You also have a report about a woman who related her Saturday night robbery experience where the police on the scene came walking, had no vehicle, no communication sets and also had to guard the crime scene until ranks could fetch the finger print kit from Cove & John.

They are many things that we take for granted in the work of a policeman. With a meagre salary he places his life at risk when he could easily make his month's salary in other self-employed occupations. Unfortunately, the black Clothes squad has a bad name with respect to how they have operated. Now we have criminals with guns who are not Sunday school kids. However, as law-abiding citizens, we have to give the police our support and hope that there will be no more loss of lives.

Yours faithfully,

(name and address provided)