PNC needs to win Indian votes
Stabroek News
April 5, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Now that there is talk of Mr Hoyte handing over the leadership of the PNC to someone else and knowing the PNC can only win a fair election with a certain amount of East Indian votes, the same way the PPP could not have won without some black support, I spoke to some East Indian people about voting PNC at the next election. This is what I was reminded of.

One old rice farmer told me that in 1965 when he and other farmers went to Parliament compound to demand their rights 'The PNC government loose police dogs on we, dey did not see we as producing food for de nation'.

One sugar worker told me that in 1971 Labour Day the sugar workers were tear gassed: 'Labour Day when workers all over the world get respect we get tear gas from PNC'.

One Mon Repos resident told me "when kick down door bandits terrorizing we village and we try to organise we self, police harass we instead'.

The East Indians I spoke to all felt they were treated as less than Guyanese by the PNC, throughout its more than 25 years in office. One Stabroek Market shop keeper told me that during the days of price control he was harrassed for charging a customer for a paper bag.

For the PNC to get enough East Indian votes to win an election the new leader will have to express regret for the behaviour towards East Indians and assure them that he and his party will not tolerate racism and terrorism.

Yours faithfully,

Wendel P. George