New spelling should not be encouraged
Stabroek News
April 4, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Regarding Mr. Gordon Burnett's championing of the incorrect spelling of Africa in Stabroek News (March 29, 2002), I think SN should explain why it is taking a leading role in this cause, which is being supported by a few African and Afro-centric pseudo-intellectuals.

Neither Guyana nor SN was a leader in championing the correct spelling and pronunciation of Peking and Bombay so why are we being thrust into leading the world on insisting on the respelling of Africa?

Is SN going to follow Dr. Nehusi's and Mr. Burnett's lead and will we see Africa spelt with a "k" from now on in SN? We need to know, so that our schoolteachers and students can be warned of this incorrect use of the English language in your newspaper.

Yours faithfully,

Nirvan Persaud

Editor's note:

We propose to use the traditional spelling and gave no indication to the contrary. Is the writer suggesting that we should exclude the expression of views with which we, or the writer, may not agree?