Letters on: Tourism

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  1. New hotel
  2. Waiting for a refund from GA 2000
  3. The sad fate of GA2000
  4. Guyana is natural gateway candidate
  5. Eco-tourism can stimulate the economy
  6. Eco-tourism should be on the front burner
  7. Tourism has only limited potential
  8. Tourism does have great potential
  9. Will GA2000 ticket holders get a refund?
  10. Tourism: higher profits in Guyana
  11. Tourism Industry Important to Guyana
  12. Guyana can attract large numbers of tourists
  13. Infrastructure for tourism has to be put in place
  14. Guyana should aim for a local flag carrier to encourage tourism
  15. New air service to Berbice a boon for business people
  16. Tour operators should provide bins for the disposal of waste
  17. Universal Airline not responsible for security measures
  18. President sends clear signal
  19. A smile is essential
  20. A bold step for others to follow
  21. Visit of cruise ship could be a significant beginning
  22. Problem with security check
  23. Overseas Guyanese should be our main tourist market
  24. Cruise ship visit a promising start
  25. Overseas Guyanese cannot be a major tourist market
  26. Let's discuss tourism not ego trips
  27. Nadir sets the record straight
  28. Local people need to be involved in tourism