The memory of Superintendent Fraser will be cherished
Stabroek News
April 4, 2002

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Dear Editor,

It was with deep anguish that law abiding citizens learned of Superintendent Fraser being killed in action. To us, he was the bravest, best of the best and the one man who made a

stand against banditry and lawlessness.

As platoon leader, he was a fearless person that cast so much fear in bandits that they had to resort to trickery to get him. They would never have gotten him in a fair fight.

I blame the government and police top brass for not doing enough for the frontline troops. All talk and no logistical action. The democratically elected government of Guyana is in danger of collapsing in the face of an onslaught by banditry.

The survival of democracy and citizens' safety depends on how much assistance the government is willing to accept from overseas "specialists". Make no bones about it- the bandits are highly sophisticated and it will take massive firepower and masterful strategy to bring them down. The bandits know that those are not locally available.

If the government does not ask for overseas help, then be prepared for anarchy and destruction as the bandits open several frontal assaults. One does not need a university degree to analyse the tactics used so far by violent criminals. Mr President, the ball is in your court as citizens cringe behind barricaded houses.

The memory of Superintendent Fraser will be cherished for his selfless sacrifice so that others could be safe. We salute you.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Young