Letters on: Prison Concerns

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  1. Prisons - places of reform or universities of crime?
  2. Prisoners on death row for long periods
  3. Prison should be moved from Georgetown
  4. Poor security at prison
  5. Why did neurosurgeon have to wait to see patient?
  6. Dangerous criminals should be isolated
  7. Prisons becoming more clogged
  8. The authorities are not the only ones to blame for the jailbreak
  9. Long delay for remand prisoners is the main problem
  10. Dale Erskine has been doing an excellent job with the prison service
  11. All escapees are accomplices to the murder of prison officer Williams
  12. Proper systems needed at prison
  13. Son awaiting trial for five years
  14. Prison officers must act with professionalism
  15. Trial delays should be no surprise
  16. Refusing bail for petty offences contributes to overcrowding
  17. Prison front gate area must be made secure
  18. I have been waiting over four years for trial
  19. Recruitment of many female officers in prison system should be reviewed
  20. Noel awaiting re-trial
  21. Prison reform must start with review of current sentencing regime
  22. Probation service can be expanded to be the basis of non custodial sentences for minor crimes
  23. Persons charged are constitutionally entitled to trial within a reasonable time
  24. Put the army in charge of getting these criminals
  25. Public support for police is crucial at this time
  26. How to deal with the gang of five
  27. Prisoners should be given productive labour
  28. Remand prisoners aggravate the problem of overcrowding