Afrika should have been corrected
Stabroek News
April 2, 2002

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Dear Editor,

With reference to Kassa Barnett's observation on the misspelling of Africa in Stabroek News (20.03.02) the question is why did SN not correct the misspelling? The only reason has to be that SN supports the misspelling and has no compunction in flouting the rules of the English Language in order to please those picked out for its favours. Is it any wonder that our English Language students are confused and do so poorly at English? Can any schoolteacher tell their students with every confidence to read the newspapers every day? What do they do when students misspell and say, "Miss, the newspaper got it so, Miss"?

Sunday columnist Ian Mc Donald when he laments in SN pages on the performance of our students in English Language should look to the very pages in which he writes as to some of the reasons why.

Another horrible disrespect for the English Language is SN's continued use of Reform as in PNC Reform as an acronym. This is a request by the political party, which SN bows to and honours despite it being incorrect English. The weak-kneed excuse given as they closed the debate on this matter some time ago was that the party has a right to ask for the capital letters. Sure they do. As a newspaper of some supposed integrity, Mr. Editor, you have the right to refuse, just as every other newspaper does, and uphold the correct use of the language. Always. There can be no reason given for misusing the language.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Razak

Editor's Note:

Another correspondent has argued in favour of the spelling Afrika.